About us

Amazonica Bungalows

I left for the Netherlands in 1979 because I understood from many that there were more development opportunities. I did indeed experience that, but I always discovered that my relationship with Suriname always played tricks on me. I met my wife and we built our lives together.
During our vacations in Suriname we always wondered what we could do to come back definitively. I always investigated the stay of holiday-goers in Suriname. At one point I came up with the idea of ​​setting up a number of bungalows, outside the city bustle where holiday-goers could unwind. We have chosen bungalows to make it possible for families.
In 2016 we made the decision and we migrated. We then immediately started building 6 bungalows and that went well for us. 6 bungalows to European standards where children can also enjoy themselves.
From May 2019 it is possible to use our beautiful bungalows. neatly furnished and maintained bungalows for a carefree holiday in a very quiet and green environment.